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Beard basics

  • Soft Boars hair brush with the iconic BreakHeart logo.

  • Dual sided comb perfect for both detangling and grooming.


    Have you ever had the bristles of a boar travel gently across your hair? It’s a wonderful experience, really. Don’t just trust us; try it for yourself. What makes our boar's hair brush better than synthetic brushes? Our Boar’s Hair Brush, made from Beechwood, keeps your coif tamed, but also ignites your own natural oils to keep your hair shiny, healthy and clean.


    Great for styling and massaging your beard. Its Fine/Wide teeth provide versatility in styling different types of hairs. The Fine side is designed to un-knit your beard and the wide is more suitable for styling. It also has a much softer & more polished feel than plastic or metal combs.

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